Lionel and Barrymore didn't come together but were related. Barrymore had cancer along with other medical problems associated with white danes. Lionel is blind and nearly deaf and will stay at the rescue. 

"Thing" has also been adopted. 
She was found with pups by our veterinarian who was kind enough to spay her. The pups were adopted right away but she waited for just the right family.

Donations made to Hardluck Hounds directly benefit the animals in our care. Your support is used to buy food and pay for veterinarian care. Staff and board members volunteer their time.

Brutus was "cute when he was little" but was left chained in the back yard until he came to the rescue. He was adopted soon after he arrived.

This little dog found a new home and is now called Princess. She was very lucky to find a good family to belong with.
She was living along a roadside before she was brought to us. 

Dexter has found an excellent family and a forever home.

His owner was in the service and transfered out the country.

This Yorkie was left at the shelter and found a home right away. We don't know why he was given up, but he found a loving family.

This is a lucky mutt that has a sponsor. She likes to play HARD and hit herself in the head with a knotted rope. It bruised her ears and the vet had to lance them. The buttons are to keep the swelling down.

We had this cat for several months and he got much larger and his hair got longer. Finally a family from Buhl adopted him, renamed him Menace and has given him a forever home. Many thanks to you folks.

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